Nafplio - The First Capital of Greece
This distinctive city in the Peloponnese played a leading role in the
Zagorochoria - A mountain paradise
So much grandeur can not go unnoticed. Forty-six beautiful villages, p
The sunken city of ancient Epidavros
How about a dip in history?
Vathia - The tower city of Mani
In the heart of Laconic Mani, in a landscape of wild beauty overlookin
The Castle of Methoni
The castle of Methoni, one of the most typical castle town examples in
The Shipwreck of Zakynthos
The Shipwreck of Zakynthos, is a shipwreck on the secluded coast of Ai
The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio
At the cape of Sounio the Athenians built a sanctuary surrounded by a
The palace of Knossos
Knossos was the most important city of Crete before the Roman era and,
The castle city of Monemvasia
Under its medieval veil, perched on the shores of the Peloponnese, is
The Acropolis is brighter than ever
The Acropolis shines with new lighting, scattering a little of its rad
Delphi - The center of the earth
At the foot of Mount Parnassos, in the evocative natural landscape for
The Mikrolimano of Piraeus
The natural enclosed bay of the ancient port of Mounichia, Mikrolimano
The Golden Mycenae
Mycenae or Mykines was one of the oldest Greek cities. It was built on
Delos - The sacred island of Apollo
Delos is located southwest of Mykonos at a distance of 6 nautical mile
Cape Tainaro and the gates of Hades
It is located between two bays and is the southernmost tip of the Balk
The enchanting Meteora
Huge vertical rocks. Sculptures created by prehistoric rivers, with fa
Plomari of Lesvos
Plomari is a port with dynamic tourist traffic and has been recorded a
3 reasons to visit Sifnos
In summer we are all looking for beautiful destinations to spend, to h
Sailing in the Ionian Sea
If your dream is a "boat" vacation, set your bow on the turq
Blue Flags
The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental E
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